GFWC The California Federation of Women’s Clubs De Anza District
The California Federation of Women’s Clubs (CFWC) was organized in January 1900 and in May, became the 37th state to join the GFWC and is currently the largest State Federation in GFWC with almost 13,000 members.  The Riverside Woman's Club is the oldest club still in existence in De Anza District, organizing in 1896 and Federating with the state in 1900. The De Anza District clubs have supported many causes including local libraries, high school and college scholarships,  women’s rights and children’s issues, conservation and support to military families  as our members’ contribute volunteer service to our local communities. We invite you to join your local club. Become part of the volunteer spirit that is so integral to CFWC/CFWC. You will discover a diverse group of women of all ages, active in their community; enjoying the volunteer spirit and lifelong  friendships.
2nd Vice President/ Membership Chairman Mickie Reed
Membership Matters Membership is the heart and soul of your club. It’s where you ask yourself, why. Why should someone join your club? What are they looking for? Do they have a project that is dear to their heart? Do they just want to give back to their community and need help in making that happen? Are they looking for a way to meet new friends? That new member is a unique person who has expectations of your club. Listen. What do they need from the club? How can the club help them to reach their goals? What does the club need from them? Clubs need their members to participate in the club projects. Members need to feel that they are important to the club, that their voice is heard and that their needs matter. New Members need a job. Make the new person part of the club as soon as you can. Educate them, what is Federation all about? Orientation helps, mentoring helps. Put them on a committee, talk to them and listen, what are their interests? Chances are you have a committee for that. A happy member will help with the hard work, a member who matters to the club will do their best. Get your new member to a conference.  Get your new member to Convention. It is important that your new member knows that they are part of an international club.  If your club can afford it, defray some of the costs, show your new members that it matters to the club that they go. Every club is different, every member is different, but, everyone wants to feel that they matter. Use that; show your members that they matter. If your older members can’t travel to conferences, host a conference at your meeting place. Tell your older members it is so they can attend, because they matter. You can do this, your club can do this, because it matters. Yours in Federation, Mickie E-mail: