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From the 1st Vice President The mission of the First Vice President/Dean is to support and advance our District’s Mission of providing education to our clubs, their chairmen and members.  To provide them with the tools to make them successful in crafting reports of the projects and activities of their club to District, California and Federation.
2019 Statistical Report Form
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                    November 18, 2019 Sisters in Federation It’s that time again when all our clubs begin to think about the activities and accomplishments of this past calendar year (2019).   I do want to encourage you and your club to write reports on these activities to most importantly document and memorialize the contributions you have made to the communities that you support and to be able to share your brilliant ideas with other clubs. Because   of   the   challenges   we   are   experiencing   with   the   website   I’m asking   our   District   Webmaster,   Lillian   Sullivan   to   post   the   forms   on   our   DeAnza Woman’s Club website.  The forms are also available within the flash drive that I sent to each club president in September.  Should you have any difficult obtaining them I can email them to you, just let me know. A couple reminders:   You should be reporting on activities from the calendar year January 1, 2019 – December 31 st , 2019.   Only report your project in one category.   I suggest that you include funds raised for a project within the body of the text.   Use the membership numbers on the attached form.   These are the membership   numbers   that   CFWC   will   be   validating   your   reports   against. (The number may not reflect your current membership.)       Be   sure   to   use   the   new   statistical   form   for   reporting   the   Seven   Grand Initiatives.   Include   the   impact   of   your   project.      [Were   you   able   to   donate   XXX   blankets or cans of food to an organization?]   Submit   your   reports   to   our   District   Chairmen   no   later   than   January   15th. 2020. Thank you for all the hard work that you have done to fulfill our mission and to make our communities better. DeAnza District