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Offering volunteer opportunities in a multitude of areas including AnimalAdvocacy , Children’sPrograms, Scholarships,  Library Support, Penny Pines Go Green, Military Support, and support of the Arts Check out the clubs’ many activities  by clicking the box below
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GFWC The California Federation of Women’s Clubs
De Anza District
All Aboard De Anza District … Destination CFWC Where will the CFWC tracks lead members ready to roll along on our adventure? As we travel down the tracks I would like all members to add Calicinto Ranch Boys & Girls of Prisoners Foundation, De Anza District’s 2014-2016 project, to our train. Our project’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of the most at-risk children, Boys and Girls of Prisoners, by providing the “life changing experience” of camp at the Ranch.  Statistics tell us children of prisoners are 70% more likely to follow their parents’ footsteps and end up in prison themselves.  Calicinto Ranch with our help and many others is intervening to break this terrible cycle of crime. Traveling together on this journey  we can achieve great things.       ALL ABOARD!


There is always something happening in the district from reciprocity teas to major fundraising events including Flower Shows, Golf  Tournaments, Galas, and Home Tours. The District hosts a Convention for all clubs’ members each year in April. Check out the calendar for upcoming events
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From Calexico to Beaumont,     Desert Springs to Corona Our District includes 17 of the most dynamic Women's Service Clubs in  the country. If you are a member of one of our clubs, you will find valuable information here regarding District, State and General Federation of Women's Clubs programs and events. If you are not a member, we invite you to visit one of our clubs nearest you.  Check out our membership page
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